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Beware Of Comfort Zone In 2019 And Pursuing Your Goals By Akinwola Mosadoluwa

Friends I must sincerely confess to you, the more people are complaining of bad economy, the more others are making wealth, the more others are blaming government and castigating environmental limitations, others are using that as an opportunity to become better.
We really need to help ourselves.

Comfort Zone is a place where destinies and life’s purposes are wasted.

It’s a place where people settle for less and bid their greatness farewell.
It’s a burial ground for fulfillment, success and breakthrough.


Comfort zone is a place of unproductive pleasure and enjoyment.

If you are satisfied with your present situation, location, breakthrough, success, greatness, accomplishment etc, then, it means you are already in your comfort zone.

I think it is better you take step and move ahead before it is too late. It is a dangerous thing to rest when you are yet to reach your final destination.

Friends, if you must achieve your goals this year, you need to be very proactive and industrious. I pray quite alright, I believe in divine favour and miracles from above. But yet, practically speaking I’m not lazy, I don’t sleep all day night, I inconvenient myself on several instances to achieve my goals.

Comfort Zone swallows glory and hinders destiny fulfillment. There are better opportunities ahead of you. If you’re not where you want to be in your life, it’s probably because you’re stuck inside of your own comfort zone. Take steps today and get out of your comfort zone.

No matter what you have achieved in life, there are still more new opportunities, new grounds, undiscovered treasures, new heights, etc. waiting to be explored. CHANGE YOUR MINDSET

You need to put ur emotional stability in check. With emotional stability, the unhappiness of incurring debts or unfulfilled dream of 2018 should not deter you from continuing and pursuing ur dream for 2019. And the joy of making profits or the barrier God helped you to conquer in 2018 should not make you to relax and lose sight of future problems.

I have friends and people around me that complaints a lot, each time they narrate why things is hard or against them, I simply give my best advice and with God all things is possible. Don’t complaints or give excuses this year……. Do something about it


1. Failure to improve on knowledge and skills that can enhance your career/profession

2. Refusal to continue your education or improve on the existing knowledge despite every opportunity to do so

3. Lack of initiative and idea required to rebrand and expand your business for more profits

4. Failure to make more efforts as a result of past past failures and discouragement

5. Lack of self-discovery, which is the foundation for lack of purpose discovery

6. Failure to take risk is as good as risking everything. Such is a sign of comfort zone. Etc

In 2019, let’s us all resolve to leave our comfort zone and press hard on our dreams.


Have a goal or plan for your:

#1 Health: your physical body, always be in gud health. Be physically fit, hale and healthy.

#2 Wealth: how to have more money, èni ti ko ni owo, ko ri aye wa oooooo. Make cool cash I beg.

#3 Love: have fun with family and cherish relationship.

#4. Happiness: this is internal feelings of peace, freedom and Joy.

Then Create strategic plans to achieve the goals you have set.

You also need to acquire new skills and habits to help you put your plans into action.

Love u all.
I wish us all d best in all ramifications this year.

You can ask questions pls, we will do Justice to it.

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