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After Accepting Admission on JAMB CAPs – See What is Next After Admitted

After Accepting Admission on JAMB CAPs What Next?, After Admission what next?, After 2019 Admission what is the next line of action?, Are you wondering What you should do after confirming your name on Your School of choice Admission list or JAMB CAPs, If yes, then this article is certainly for You.

In this write-up you will be learning ‘ what you should and should not do after confirming that you have been admitted by your school of Choice‘. Just Take Your Time and Read Through Diligently!.

The First thing that comes to the Mind of most Student after they have been admitted is to go out and have some fun, celebrating their success, especially for those that were admitted to the course they intended to Study. This time I must agree with you, after all, there is a popular saying that..


All work and no play make Jack a dull boy

Yes, it is necessary and Important that you take your time to relax and regain back your Strength, but that’s not all, this is also the time for you to Re-strategize, Re-energize, Re-enforce and re-equip yourself for the next cause of Action, you must recognize the fact that the fight is not over yet.

What Is Next After Admitted

I will like to begin by congratulating you on your successful admission into the University. So many aspirants actually prayed to see their names on their various institution’s admission list. Unfortunately, it did not happen.

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Out of over 1.5million Candidates that applied for JAMB, only 30% will be admitted and fortunately for you, you are one of those 30%, Congratulations ones more.

Below you will find some very useful Things you should do After confirming that you have been admitted by your school of Choice.

1. Prepare Financially:

One of the major things you will be doing in School is Spending Money, you will need money for your clearance , you will need money for your Accommodation, while in School you will need money for feeding, you will need money for text books, You will need money for assignment, Money for course registration. At times you also need money for Miscellaneous affairs.

That is why it is important you prepare financially for your schooling, for those admitted to federal Institutions you will find yourself spending roughly around 100k for the first year. So if you can get something doing start doing now, or better still, assist your Parents and let them be aware of the Upcoming expenses, so they can prepare well for it.

2. Make Research and Prepare the Required documents for your Physical Clearance:

You may want to Ask, What is Physical Clearance?, “This is a method employed by Institutions to clear Student on the Admission they have been giving” This requires your Physical presence, hence called “Physical clearance “. Your School of Choice will require you to submit some important Documents which may include Birth certificate or Age Declaration, WAEC Original Results, JAMB Original results and all that.

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It is your Duty to make researches and know what and what are the documents required by your School for Physical screening, so you can start making provisions for them.

Below is a List of document you may be required to take for clearance….

  • University’s Admission letter
  • JAMB’s Admission letter
  • Birth Certificate
  • Affidavit Of Local Government of Origin/Local of Origin cert.
  • WAEC certificate / Result Print out for those who wrote WAEC last year and their certificate is not yet out
  • Guarantors Letter
  • Acceptance Letter
  • Affidavit Of good conduct
  • Affidavit of non membership to secret court

You may be asked to bring others but those listed above are very important so you will have to get them ready before your clearance begins.

3. Learn one or Two skills That Will Fetch You Some Cash While In School

If you are planning on depending on Your Parent for financial Assistance all the time you will be in School, then it is my duty to tell you that, that is a terribly bad Idea , Speaking from experience, you must learn to provide for yourself while in School, so take up the courage and go Learn something that will be of Help to You while in school.

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Learn one or two tech skills if your school resumption date is still far. Your skill will really help you. Always learn to develop yourself in every respect. While you were busy waiting for your School of choice admission list, I was busy reachearching on exciting ways you can earn cash while in School, You can check it out by Clicking HERE.

4. Take Time To Understand The School System:

Mistakes most freshers make in 100level is not asking questions, you must take time to learn and understand the school system, effective reading style, how exams are coordinated (Are past questions repeated) , what are lecturers relationship with student.

How can I get these information? , you can get these information by simply asking your predecessors (Those that attended same school or those in higher levels, 200, 300 e.t.c ). knowledge of this will assure you of a flexible and smooth
year one while in school, learn the habit of asking question and don’t feel shy or intimidated while doing this.

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